Terminology Management

Vocabulary for every sector

Terminology plays a vital role in the international communication of businesses. The ways businesses are communicating are expanding, and in global businesses everything must be translated as quickly as possible.

For each medium of communication, our term bases store specific vocabulary and provide consistent wording, assuring client satisfaction.

Translation requires a range of skills, from technical to editorial.

Translator A brand’s identity is conveyed as much through its technical vocabulary as its style.

The technical terminology adopted by a client reflects its values and therefore the precise use of the specific vocabulary is essential for a successful translation.

AWS Translation offers terminology management solutions tailored to your needs. A term base can either be made using existing bilingual or multilingual content, or created at any point of a particular translation project.

Term bases contain valuable information such as synonyms, definitions, context, status and images according to a client's needs.

In addition, translation memories record the translated phrases, which can be reused in future updates. This once again contributes to the overall consistency of the translations. Moreover, the term bases are expanded during the translation process. and can be made available to the client in a variety of formats.


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