Marketing Expertise

Creatively communicating your content

Translation of marketing content goes above-and-beyond the regular needs of translation. In marketing, not only the words are translated, but also the message and image being created by the text.

The translator must veer away from the source text and use their creativity. This is only possible once an excellent command of the sector is established. This is why AWS Translation only works with sector specialists, who are able to permit themselves this creative distance in order to capture the target audience's attention.

Adapted wording, maintained meaning

Commercial marketing With its extensive experience with this type of project, AWS Traduction also offers working meetings prior to starting translation work in order to fully understand your expectations in terms of the message and image to be conveyed.

Our team, well-versed in these working habits, has no trouble meeting deadlines whilst communicating your message clearly.

Put your image into safe hands, put your trust into professionals.

For slogans and all other publicity messages, the marketing translator has to rely on transcreation or adaptation of the content. They therefore take most of their inspiration from marketing and advertisement rather than just the source document to be translated. The tone, word-play and even sometimes the content or line of argument also require a full adaptation in order to reach the target market. The goal is to maintain the original advertising intent and emotion while considering the target audience’s culture. A word-for-word translation could have catastrophic consequences for the success of a product launch campaign on a foreign market, which some major brands can confirm ...


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