Machine translation

Increased productivity, reduced delivery times

To expand to a global market, organisations must communicate quickly and efficiently in the local language. However, for financial or time constraints, several documents are not translated.

Machine translation is a modern solution to this issue.

Innovative solutions for your content

Machine translation AWS Translation will help your presence in the international market, using innovative technologies which increase production and reduce deadlines, all with a great price-performance ratio, and of course, complete security.

We will advise and guide you throughout the choice of different processes of machine translation, according to your content and intended use. Whether you simply would like a document written in a foreign language or an outcome that imitates a human translation, the processes are different.

For example, an unedited machine translation can be used to gain a general understanding of a document. By using different translation engines for specific domains (e.g. legal, technical, medical), we ensure customer satisfaction and complete confidentiality of your content. The implementation is almost immediate.

For working documents, for internal use, a quick proofreading by a human post-editor, also called light post-editing, ensures that the translation is understandable and free of misinterpretations, spelling and syntax mistakes, etc. The lead times and costs are considerably reduced compared to a human translation.

However, documents to be published require a more in-depth proofreading (also called a full post-editing) to ensure that not only the content is understandable but also that the style is fluid and resembles a human translation.

Translation engines adapted to your content

For recurring content in a specific area, AWS Translation also offers a translation engine customisation service. The engines are ‘trained’, meaning that their vocabulary expands from your content. The result of this ‘training’ is a machine translation that mimics a human translation, with minimal post-editing. These personalised translation engines learn more as they are used - the more you translate, the more they learn.

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