Localisation Service

Adapt your content and communicate like a local

Localisation goes beyond the conventional framework of translation. It involves adapting, for example, a website, software, or application to the language and cultural specificities of a given market.

A translator must not only master the target language but also have an expert knowledge of the technical terms, the product concerned and the market, in order to produce a successful localisation.

Website, software and app localisation services

Translator Whether it’s for a website, software or app, we deal with each localisation request fully, no matter the source file type (HTML, PHP, XML, etc.).

We extract the text to be localised and then reintegrate it into the original file without modifying the encoding. We also insure that any software localised in this way meets all international functionality requirements.

Alongside this, AWS Translation can provide a desktop publishing service, which enables identical reproduction of the page layout of your files in each language.


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