Right of reply

In accordance with Laws No. 82-652 of 29th July 1982, No. 2004-575 of 21st June 2004 and ruling 2004-496 DC of 10th June 2004, any natural or legal person named or referred to on this site have a right of reply, without prejudice to requests for correction or deletion of the message.

An application for exercise of the right of reply, addressed to the publication director, must be submitted within no more than three months from the public release of the message under request. The applicant must state the imputations that he/she would like to respond to and the content of the reply that they propose to be done. This insertion is free and carried out within three days of the reception date.

Copyright and intellectual property - copyright

All the components featured on this website (text, designs, programmes, photographs, names, logos, branding, intellectual works, data bases, etc.) are protected by the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code. Outside of France, these components are protected by copyright in all the signatory states of the convention of Bern.

In accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code, reproduction, representation, modification, adaptation, distribution, and/or translation, whether in part or whole and by any medium (digital, paper etc.), of any feature of this website, is forbidden without the express and prior permission of AWS Translation.

Any usage not expressly authorised constitutes a copyright violation and infringement in accordance with articles L 335-2 and following the French Intellectual Property Code. It may also constitute an act of unfair competition in accordance with article 1382 of the Civil Code and a violation of image rights and/or rights of the individual in accordance with article 9 of the same code.

AWS Translation reserves the right to take legal action in pursuit of civil and/or criminal liability against anyone who has not respected this prohibition.


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