Legal expertise

The right words and short deadlines

The legal sector is a particularly sensitive area of work, which is why AWS Translation has an entire department dedicated to it.

The project managers, responsible for client documents, are well-trained in the practices and customs of this sector and only work with professionals in the field.

Translator Professional legal translation is a complicated and demanding task. It requires advanced knowledge in law, perfect use of the language combination and writing skills which transfer the nuances of the source text.

A legal translator goes beyond simply translating. They carry out extensive legal and terminological research, so as to create a final document that is perfectly tailored to the target country. For example, for a French legal text to be translated to English, the French law must be transferred to the English law, which requires a great amount of adaptation.

To guarantee that quality standards are met, we always employ mother tongue translators, who are all experts in the law of the target country. They are able to re-establish a translation that is in accordance with the cultural and legal context of the target country.

They can translate content in areas as varied as civil or trade law, company law, banking, insurance, employment and labour law, etc.

The stages of a successful legal translation

Project Management

Your dedicated Project Manager will study your request and ensure the required skills are provided.


The translator, who is specialised in this field, will carry-out the necessary terminological and legal research.


The translated document is delivered on-time, true to the source text and adapted to the target country.


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