Interpretation Service

Don't let language be your limit

Whether at meetings or factory tours, our expert interpreters can work simultaneously or consecutively, a skill which will be valued by your clients worldwide.

With 35 years of experience on our side, we can recommend interpreters who will perfectly fulfil your linguistic requirements, in any field.

Our teams are able to advise you on the most suitable type of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive or whispered) for the occasion, as well as the necessary equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Not only does our service include preparation of the required equipment, but we also take care of logistics and technical assistance throughout your event.

We take care of the sound system (speakers, microphones, amplifier, mixing desk...) and supply booths, desks, wireless headphones, in addition to the audio recording of the meeting.

To minimise costs and reduce our carbon footprint, we endeavour to allocate local interpreters who live in the same region or country as your event.

Tell us your needs and we will find the right solution!

Our highly experienced interpreters possess the personal qualities required for efficient fulfilment of these assignments.

AWS Translation can provide audio recordings in multiple languages, where required, which you will receive at the end of the session.

For real-time transcriptions, a full written account of the discussion is recorded in-situ by a team of linguists. The file is then made available within 24 hours.

As for post-event transcriptions, the content of the meeting is recorded and processed afterwards. The delivery deadline for the final edit is agreed upon with the client.

Whispered interpretation

Whispered interpretation

Whispered interpretation or “whispering” involves translating speech in real-time. The speaker and participants talk normally whilst the interpreter translates simultaneously in a hushed tone . This is an efficient method as it does not require any technical equipment!

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is particularly suited to business meetings, negotiations or interviews where the language of the participating audience is different to that of the main speaker. The interpreter notes the key points and then translates successive sections of the speech.

Liaison interpretation

Liaison interpretation

Liaison interpretation brings together two parties that speak different languages. The interpreter translates consecutively, but within a small group. This is a fairly natural and easy-to-use method of communication for those present as, like consecutive interpretation, it extends roughly the length of the meeting.

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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is most suitable for congress, conferences, large business meetings or events where there is a multilingual audience. The interpreter is inside a sound-proof booth, equipped with a microphone and headset, listening to the speech through headphones and simultaneously translating it into a microphone. This type of interpretation requires two interpreters to alternate every 20 minutes due to the high level of concentration needed.


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