General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions:
  • apply and are to the advantage of AWS;
  • governing the services provided by the latter as part of their translation, interpretation, terminology, computer-assisted publishing, localisation, subtitling, voice over, project management and technical assistance services, regardless of their form, content or the geographical location where they are carried out.

By using one of these services, the CLIENT formally accepts these conditions whether different or contrary to their own.

When it is necessary to use CLIENT-specific terminology, the service order must be accompanied by glossaries, reference documents or precise information on the subject matter. By default, the service will be carried out by AWS in accordance with the best practices and any modification requested at a later date by the client will be considered as author’s corrections and will therefore constitute an additional charge.

Every text translated by AWS will be delivered electronically to the client by email, unless an explicit agreement has been made between the two parties.

The precise nature of the service to be carried out on client premises, or any other location which will be used, must be expressed in detail on the order form, the confirmation or the order receipt.
Under no circumstances will the translator, interpreter or any other seconded staff complete additional assignments or tasks.

These staff members remain, at all events, under the sole responsibility of AWS.
Any comments related to their service, particularly to its execution, shall be made directly to AWS management.

The services made subject to a prior estimate will be charged on the conditions of fulfilment stated in the order confirmation or order receipt.

In the absence of specific mention in the order form, confirmation or receipt, the rate base and agreed terms and conditions will be in effect on the day of the order.

For translation services, the settlement unit is the French text. Equally, when the “ source ” language is a foreign language and the “ target ” language is French, it remains the “ abundance ” coefficient (1.25 to 1.30 for English -1.30 to 1.40 for German).

When the “ source ” and the “ target ” are both foreign languages, the equivalent number of French words to the “ source ” will be taken.

A difference of around 5% between the word count and the actual number of words should not lead to dispute from the CLIENT, in respect of the rules in use in the profession.

AWS takes all possible measures to guarantee the quick and safe delivery of completed work, in respect of the deadlines specified in the CLIENT’s quotation. It is expressly stipulated that the stated delivery date is for reference only, except for when a date is formally agreed upon with the CLIENT.

In this last case, any delay due to a force majeure (accident, fire, partial or total transport or postal strike, computer malfunction, mobile network incident, etc.), unforeseen circumstances or an operational, technical or administrative impossibility cannot be considered as a late delivery and therefore does not engage the responsibility of AWS.

In any case, a delay does not justify the cancellation of an order as it cannot give rise to claims for compensation, no matter the cause, the delay length and the impact on the CLIENT.

The sending date of the delivery email or of the notification of the availability of the translated documents via an extranet, an FTP server, the Cloud or a document transfer software is deemed to be the delivery date.

AWS shall not in any case be held responsible for delays caused by technical or connection issues in the delivery of documents by email.

With regards to postal delivery, the delivery date is the date on which it arrives at the post office.

The choice of delivery method is left down to the CLIENT.

The documents are dispatched at the CLIENT’s risk.

Any other delivery method agreed upon between the parties is invoiced.

Payment on receipt of invoice for every sum of less than €1,500. Deposit of 30% for every amount greater than €1,500.

AWS has the ability to suspend or cancel any service orders in progress if the client has failed to comply with the payment dates for previous services provided by the company.

In accordance with article L.441-6 of the commercial code, a minimum allowance of €40 for recovery costs as well as lateness penalties are due in the absence of settlement the day after the expected payment date on the invoice. The annual interest rate of these lateness penalties is three times the legal interest rate.

No discount is given for advance payment.

Once the work has been received, the client is liable for checking that the service complies with that set out in the order, as well as checking the quality of the content of the service.
Any complaint should be made to AWS within eight days following the delivery date of the work by registered mail. After this date, any new service will be subject to an additional invoice.
Any reservation or item in dispute should be accompanied by the following essential documents for assessment by AWS: the "source" document, the "translated" document, the nature of the corrections given by the CLIENT, and in general terms, any document able to contribute to the most reliable evaluation.

In any case, the amount of the service under challenge from the client cannot be deducted unilaterally from other sums owed by the client for different services performed by AWS.

It is expressly agreed between the client and AWS that the imperfections noted in the service cannot, in any case, be invoked by an examination of the service as a whole, AWS has the right to process the necessary corrections in the shortest possible time.

Under no circumstances shall AWS be held liable for immaterial or indirect damage.

AWS is not liable for the writing style of the « target » text and shall not engage its responsibility for this reason, except following prior agreement between the parties.

The client is responsible for insuring their original documents and media sent to AWS.

These conditions are subject to French law.

Any litigation with a professional relating to the present conditions comes under the jurisdiction of the Nanterre Commercial Court.

AWS is committed to:
  • - complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force,
  • - ensuring the security and confidentiality of personal information that it receives,
  • - not transferring any unnecessary personal data whilst carrying out the translation service,
  • - requiring the same personal data confidentiality commitments from its subcontractors.


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