Financial Expertise

Combining experience and professionalism

The finance industry is booming. To respond to this ever-growing demand, we have created a dedicated service with experienced individuals in the finance sector.

All our translators, proofreaders and project managers have substantial experience in this field. This allows them to handle all kinds of documents within the financial sector and respond quickly in urgent situations, which are common in this sector.

Translator A financial or economic translation requires precision and an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Therefore, only a translator with extensive professional experience is able to provide the required quality.

A professional financial translator masters the terminology and various specialities inherent in the financial and economic sectors. Moreover, it is essential they keep up-to-date with standards and new regulations that are legislated.

AWS is a leader in the economic and financial translation market for two key reasons: our network of specialised translators/proofreaders and our international presence, facilitating efficient work over many time zones.


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