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Translator What is legislation?

Legislation grants a translation the same legal value as the original document. Documents or deeds that are intended for foreign authorities are authenticated.

The first level of legislation is swearing-in. A translation completed by an expert accredited by the Court of Appeals (or a sworn translator) has the same value as the original document, in the eyes of the aforementioned court.

In some foreign countries, according to their authorities, further formal steps may be necessary for your documentation and translation.

Certification of the translator’s signature

This step is carried out by the relevant authority (town hall, ICC or notary) and certifies that a translation is valid, in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that it is nationally accepted.

The last step depends on the intended destination of your document:

By default, the ultimate level is legalisation of your documents by the MFA and the consulate of the intended country.



For countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, it is sufficient to legalize the documents with the corresponding Apostille. It is appended by the Court of Appeals.

Which documents need to be accredited?

Any documents that will be presented to a foreign authority and which usually has a legal or commercial significance.

See below some examples:

Power of attorney; statutes; certificates of incorporation; written testimonies; proxy; tax forms, customs documents and taxation documents.

These documents can also be personal documents such as civil status documents (marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate or divorce decrees) or legal documents (work permit documents, contracts, qualifications, transcripts or police records).

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